Meta Quest 3: Unveiling the Next Generation VR Experience

The Black Friday season is upon us, and virtual reality enthusiasts may be wondering if the highly anticipated Meta Quest 3 will be part of the deals. Unfortunately, as of now, the Meta Quest 3 is not on sale. However, it’s worth noting that Newegg is currently offering a free $15 Meta gift card with the purchase of the Quest 3. While there is a possibility that a retailer may drop the price closer to Black Friday, no such announcement has been made. So, for now, the Meta Quest 3 is still available at its starting MSRP of $499.99.

On the other hand, the Meta Quest 2 is indeed on sale. With $50 off the original price, the Quest 2 is now more affordable for VR enthusiasts. Amazon and GameStop are offering a bonus $50 gift card with the purchase of the Quest 2, making it an even more enticing deal. Both the 128GB and 256GB versions of the Quest 2 qualify for this offer.

Diving into the specifics, the Meta Quest 2, launched in 2020, comes with a starting MSRP that is $200 cheaper than its successor, the Quest 3. With the Black Friday deal, you can now get the Quest 2 with 128GB of storage for only $249, which is half the price of the base model Quest 3. If you require more storage space, the 256GB model of Quest 2 is available for $299.

While the Quest 3 boasts a more powerful chip and improved resolution, the highlight of Meta’s advancements lies in pass-through capabilities. Through full-color pass-through, the Quest 3 provides a clearer view of the real world when enabling augmented reality features. However, it falls short of the capabilities promised by Apple’s Vision Pro.

In conclusion, if you’re on the lookout for Black Friday deals in VR, unfortunately, the Meta Quest 3 is still at its original price. However, the Meta Quest 2 is available with a significant discount and bonus offers, making it a compelling option for virtual reality enthusiasts. Keep an eye on upcoming Black Friday deals for potential discounts on the Meta Quest 3, and make your decision based on your VR needs and budget.

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1. Is the Meta Quest 3 on sale for Black Friday?

As of now, the Meta Quest 3 is not on sale for Black Friday. However, keep an eye out for potential discounts closer to the event.

2. What are the deals available for the Meta Quest 2?

The Meta Quest 2 is currently available at a $50 discount, with additional bonuses such as a $50 gift card from retailers like Amazon and GameStop.

3. What are the main differences between the Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3?

The Quest 3 offers a more powerful chip, improved resolution, and enhanced pass-through capabilities. However, the Quest 2 provides a more affordable option with its Black Friday deals.

4. Can I play Quest 2 games on the Quest 3?

Yes, the Quest 3 is backward compatible with all Quest 2 games, allowing users to enjoy their existing game library on the new device.

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