Steam에서 Legacy of Half Life를 무료로 경험해보세요

Attention PC gamers! You have just a few hours left to grab a legendary game for free and try out three other games on Steam. Playing games without spending a single penny is as easy as can be on Steam. With a few exceptions, the platform regularly offers PC gamers the chance to try out various games for free over the weekends. During this time, players have unrestricted access to all the content released for free since its launch. This is perfect for broadening your gaming horizons and giving titles a chance that you might not have tried otherwise. Sometimes, Valve and its partners go even further by giving away games completely. These titles are yours to keep forever once added to your library.

Currently, there are four games in these two categories that are available for free on Steam. However, be aware that the offer will end very soon.

Three Free Playable Games on Steam

Let’s start with the most time-limited games, which have been available for trial since last weekend. Until Monday, November 20th at 7 PM, players can still play three games without any cost. First, there’s the historical strategy game Victoria 3, released last year. As expected, this game challenges you to build your own society in the midst of the 19th century, dealing with all the political, societal, and commercial challenges of the era. Next, we have Railroad Online, a management and construction game that invites you to manage your own railways and create your own routes. This title is highly appreciated by genre enthusiasts, so we recommend that the curious give it a try.

And lastly, but certainly not least, there’s F1 2023. The latest iteration of the racing simulation game managed to captivate fans of high-speed races when it was released in June. The game stands out from its predecessors with improved AI and polished driving mechanics. The only downside might be the lack of concrete innovations, but as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You also have until November 20th at 7 PM to form your own opinion on the game.

Half Life: Grab it for Free

However, the highlight of the weekend is not these three temporarily free games. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic game Half Life, Valve has gone all out. They have released a major update for the game, including fixes, new and restored content, and a documentary on the game’s genesis that marked the history of gaming. The developers have truly spared no effort. The cherry on top is that Half Life is now available for free on Steam, and this is not a temporary offer. Once the game is added to your library, it stays there for life. However, you need to act fast as the offer also ends on Monday, November 20th, 2023 at 7 PM.

This is also the perfect opportunity to discover Half Life Uplink, which has been made available to all players for the past few days. As a reminder, this mini-campaign was originally a bonus given on a disc with the purchase of specific PC hardware or included in certain magazines. To top it all off, this ultimate version of Half Life is now compatible with the Steam Deck thanks to an update of the graphics settings.


Can I keep the games that I try for free on Steam?

No, most free trials on Steam are temporary and you will not have access to the games after the trial period ends. However, there are occasional exceptions where games are offered for free and can be kept permanently once added to your library.

What is Half Life Uplink?

Half Life Uplink is a mini-campaign that was originally a bonus given with the purchase of specific PC hardware or included in certain magazines. It offers a unique experience within the Half Life universe.

Is Half Life compatible with the Steam Deck?

Yes, Half Life has been made compatible with the Steam Deck through an update of the graphics settings.

When does the free offer for Half Life end?

The offer to get Half Life for free ends on Monday, November 20th, 2023 at 7 PM. Be sure to grab it before the offer expires!